6 life changing habits

“6 Life-Changing Habits to kickstart this year”

Life changing habits can be formed if you do it every day. With the arrival of the new year, most people tend to reflect on themselves and ask questions like, “Where have I reached to date?” “Why am I still stuck?” “Why am I not able to earn more?” “Why am I working a 9 to 5 job where my pay is not raised, and I am not appreciated?” “Why am I not working out?”


Self-reflection is essential, and New Years and birthdays are only a few dates that pass every year, awakening us.But that’s okay because reflecting on ourselves and upskilling ourselves is crucial.


Self-reflection can sometimes lead to anxiety or depression, but that is not what we want or where we belong. We can undoubtedly set new good habits to be successful in our lives with the arrival of the new year.

Starting a good habit is not an easy task, but you can motivate yourself by saying, “I will start from the first day of the year”. It’s easy to get pumped up for some days and challenging to make a daily habit, so you must maintain self-discipline.


You can put someone as an accountability partner, meaning say to him or him that you will exercise from this year and you will feel guilty when you don’t do it. Your accountable partner can be anyone, like your life partner, your best friend or any of your family members. Start these good habits for the best new year.


Here are the top 6 good habits to kickstart your new year:


  1. Reading Self-Help Books:

    The first life changing habit is so obvious, motivational speakers and content creators often emphasize why reading self-help books is important, but here’s why not to. Why not read a self-help book that teaches us to grow, learn and be a better human every day? Why not read a good book that guides us to be successful than binge-watch a Netflix series or a movie? Yes, movies can teach us too, but watch them only once a month and read a book daily.

    The plus point of reading daily is that it will not change your life, but implementing what you read in a book will change your life and feel like new year new me. You can purchase the self-help books from any bookstore or buy them online from booksmandala.

Reading self help book


  1. Waking Up Early:

    Who likes to wake up early when you can sleep until 8 am in full relaxation mode? But making a habit of waking up early every day requires self-discipline. Waking up early for a week is easy, but waking up early every single day, even on Saturday, requires discipline.


    You may have heard that successful people wake up early, right? So, to be successful, you must wake up early. However, waking up early alone will not do the job; you must work hard to reach your goal too. Do you want to wake up at 9 am, eat breakfast in 5 minutes, and run to the office, or do you want to wake up early at 5 am every day and see the change in your life? Obviously, you will feel relaxed and calm, and there will be no hurry. The best life changing habit to start your new year with a bang.

Waking up



  1. Meditation:

    After you wake up at 5 am, do not take your phone and scroll through social media till 9 am. The goal of waking up early is to take time out for yourself, and that is where meditation comes in. Meditation is the best way to relax your mind and body for a while, one of the best life changing habit.

    Sit in a quiet room, start meditating for 5 minutes a day, take a deep breath in and breathe out, and put all your thoughts out for a while. If any thoughts come to your mind, focus only on your breath, count down to 1,2,3, and breath in and out till the thoughts go away. Listen to the calming sound, close your eyes, and start.




  1. Yoga or Exercise:

    After you meditate, take some time to stretch your body a little. Start with simple yoga or some exercise to ensure your body is flexible. Working out or exercising will help you stay fit, improve your health, and protect you from diseases. You can also go out for a short morning walk, cycling, or anything you like to keep you physically fit.




  1. Practice Journaling and gratitude: 

The best time to journal is the night time; I usually write down my thoughts in my diary at night. In my personal experience, I usually segment the diary into different parts, like how did I feel today, and what I am grateful, reflect yourself and embrace changes. Practising gratitude is a crucial habit that can significantly impact your overall well-being.


Being grateful helps shift your focus from what you don’t have to what you do have, which can bring more positivity and happiness into your life. It’s important to take time each day to reflect on what you are grateful for, whether it’s your health, your family, your friends, your job, or even just the simple things like having a roof over your head or a warm cup of tea in the morning.


Practising gratitude can be as simple as jotting down three things you’re thankful for in a journal or simply taking a few moments to reflect on them. These habits are life changing when you work on it every day.




  1. Plan, prepare and track your goals:

In the end, the primary purpose of your life is to reach your goal and do what you love doing. So, planning a goal, whether it may be a short-term goal or a long-term goal, is another life changing habit you need to add on. I write down my short-term goals for 2,3 months, track them monthly, and check. I may write down to take a digital marketing course for myself, later I took the course in between 2 months; you can write down your goals and tick mark and achieve one by one every week and month and plan for your next move.



Do what you always wanted to, start that small business you always wanted to, and make that youtube vlog you were thinking about. Start it anyway, find out what you love, and do it consistently so there will be no regrets when you get old.


In conclusion, adopting these life changing habits can help you become more productive, focused, and fulfilled personally and professionally. While developing these habits may take time and effort, the benefits are well worth it. So, start small and gradually incorporate these habits into your daily routine to kick-start this year on the right track. Remember, every day is a new opportunity to grow, learn, and become a better version of yourself.


If you are still reading, thank you so much for reading till the end hope you liked this read, and I hope you will implement it in your life from this new year—happy new year
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