Embrace change

“7 Powerful Ways to Embrace Change and Transform Your Life.”

Embrace Change, At some point in our lives, we all encounter Change. However, embracing and navigating Change can significantly impact ...
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Not achieving enough in life

“9 Ways to overcome the feeling of not achieving enough in life”.

It is somewhat difficult to overcome the feeling of not achieving enough in life, do you ever feel trapped in ...
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Breaking gender stereotypes

Breaking Gender Stereotypes: Why do women still have to prove themselves?

Breaking Gender Stereotypes, In a world where gender roles and expectations have been deeply ingrained in society, women have often ...
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Expectations blog banner

Expectations: Why Do People Expect?

Expectations: Why Do People Expect? Understanding the Psychology and Implications Expectations are an integral part of human nature. We all ...
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Forgiveness blog banner

“6 steps for Forgiveness: Letting go and Healing”

In our journey through life, we often encounter situations that can leave us hurt, betrayed, or resentful. These negative emotions ...
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28 Life lessons blog banner

28 Life lessons I learned in 28 years

Hi, I celebrated my 28th birthday last week and am sharing 28 lessons I learned till my 28th birthday. I ...
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Failure Blog Banner

You Shouldn’t Fear Failure- 7 Reasons Why?

Failure is often seen as something to be avoided, feared, and shunned. It's associated with disappointment, frustration, and a sense ...
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Embrace Introvert

“6 Empowering Strategies to Embrace Your Inner Introvert and Unleash Your Hidden Power”

Introversion is often misunderstood in a world that values extroverts. However, embracing your introverted self can lead to self-discovery, personal ...
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How to not let anyone's word hurt you blog banner

How to Not Let Anyone’s Words Hurt You

How to Not Let Anyone's Words Hurt You, there is a quote, "Although a tongue has no bones, it can ...
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Comparison Kills our joy blog banner

How Comparison Kills Our Joy

    How Comparison Kills Our Joy: Understanding the Negative Impact of Constant Comparison Comparison is a natural human tendency ...
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6 life changing habits

“6 Life-Changing Habits to kickstart this year”

Life changing habits can be formed if you do it every day. With the arrival of the new year, most ...
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